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A list of available Characters

Character Abilities Image
Barry Smith Barry Smith.png
Blue Whittaker Blue Whittaker.png
Chase McCain Chase McCain (Police).png
Dougy Dungarees Dougy Dungarees.png
Chuck Morrison Chuck Morrison.png
Chan Chuang Chan Chuang.png
Duke Huckleberry Duke Huckleberry.png
Fisherman Fisherman.png
Albert Spindlerouter Albert Spindlerouter.png
Construction Foreman Construction Foreman.png
Rod Stanchion Rod Stanchion.png
Ellie Phillips Ellie Phillips.png
Forrest Blackwell Forrest Blackwell.png
Captain Bluffbeard Captain Bluffbeard.png
Frank Honey Frank Honey.png
Grubby Grubster Grubby Grubster.png
Shaky Harry Shaky Harry.png
James Curry James Curry.png
Marion Dunby Marion Dunby.png
Natalia Kowalski Natalia Kowalski.png
Vinnie Pappalardo Vinnie Pappalardo.png
Mayor Gleeson Mayor Gleeson.png
Verne Verne.png
Sentinel Decker Sentinel Decker.png
Jethro Hayes Jethro Hayes.png
Cornelius Burns Cornelius Burns.png
Rex Fury Rex Fury.png
Doorlock Homes Doorlock Homes.png
Dr. Whatsit Dr. Whatsit.png
Clown Robber Max Clown Robber Max.png
Clown Robber Lou Clown Robber Lou.png
Clown Robber Wes Clown Robber Wes.png
Snakes Squealer Snakes Squealer.png
Press Photographer Press Photographer.png
Heywood Heywood.png
Old Prison Guard Old Prison Guard.png
Warden Stonewall Warden Stonewall.png
Prisoner Prisoner.png
Clarence Fletcher Clarence Fletcher.png
Butch Patterson Butch Patterson.png
Security Guard (Undercover) Security Guard (Undercover).png
Ross Wilding Ross Wilding.png
Karate Guy Karate Guy.png
Karate Master Karate Master.png
Ted Baxter Ted Baxter.png
Rodney Baxter Rodney Baxter.png
Bucky Butler Bucky Butler.png
Old Quiang Old Quiang.png
Feng Feng.png
Li Li.png
Moe De Luca Moe De Luca.png
Tony One-Time Tony One-Time.png
Paulie Blindfolds Paulie Blindfolds.png
Lucky Pete Lucky Pete.png
Crayfish Twins
Mikey Spoilers Mikey Spoilers.png
Studski Studski.png
Clutch Clutch.png
Blubs Blubs.png
Brickett Brickett.png
Lagney Lagney.png
Cacey Cacey.png
DaMumbo DaMumbo.png
Gas Station Guy Fort Meadows Diner Gas Station Guy.png
Doorman Doorman.png
Fu Fu.png
Detective Detective.png
Bea Heckerson Bea Heckerson.png
Horace Cone Horace Cone.png
Officer Park Officer Park.png
Pat Patterson Pat Patterson.png
Quentin Spencer Quentin Spencer.png
Ranger Barber Ranger Barber.png
Ranger Lewis Ranger Lewis.png
Security Supervisor Security Supervisor.png
Traffic Cop Traffic Cop.png
Beefy Baker Beefy Baker.png
Carlo Jerome Carlo Jerome.png
Carlo Jerome (Cone Head) Carlo Jerome (Cone Head).png
Chao Hui Chao Hui.png
Eddie Jojo Eddie Jojo.png
Gangster Gangster.png
Hai Chen Hai Chen.png
Hot Tub Harry
Hot Tub McCreedy 150px
Maximilian Jarvik Maximilian Jarvik.png
Jimmy Grossman Jimmy Grossman.png
Salvatore Calzone Salvatore Calzone.png
Sentinel Channard Sentinel Channard.png
Shui Xue Shui Xue.png
Spikey Don Spikey Don.png
Tim Welch 150px
Vitus Tinkleman Vitus Tinkleman.png
Barney Greenschist Barney Greenschist.png
Ben Moseley Ben Moseley.png
Bill Derby Bill Derby.png
Mine Foreman Mine Foreman.png
Otto Hornfels Otto Hornfels.png
Todd Greywacke Todd Greywacke.png
Brad Hoggle Brad Hoggle.png
Buddy Weingartner Buddy Weingartner.png
Charlotte Hannon Charlotte Hannon.png
Forest Fireman Forest Fireman.png
Jessie Weingartner Jessie Weingartner.png
Oliver Duffy Oliver Duffy.png
Ramon Lopez-Delgado Ramon Lopez-Delgado.png
Ryan Mclaughlin Ryan Mclaughlin.png
Ben Sharples Ben Sharples.png
Brantford Cubbery Brantford Cubbery.png
Bud Hawkins Bud Hawkins.png
Cal Wainwright Cal Wainwright.png
Classic Alien Classic Alien.png
Drew Calhoun Drew Calhoun.png
Dutch Danish Dutch Danish.png
Henrik Kowalski Henrik Kowalski.png
Jenny Rathbone Jenny Rathbone.png
Jonlan Regnix Jonlan Regnix.png
Space Alien Space Alien.png
Spaceman Spaceman.png
Space Scientist Space Scientist.png
Space Villain Space Villain.png
Farmer Bales Farmer Bales.png
Farm Worker Bill Farm Worker Bill.png
Farm Worker Bob Farm Worker Bob.png
Patty Hayes Patty Hayes.png
Rooster Rooster.png
Squirrel McTavish Squirrel McTavish.png